How To Find The Best Rehab Center In Sugar Land

Because of the many addicts seeking freedom from drugs or alcohol, there is no shortage of rehab centers or addiction treatment programs in Sugar Land. Instead of just checking in the first center you come across or the most affordable one, you should choose the program more carefully. Not all of them are the same, and not all of them can truly provide the support you need. To end up with a top rehab program, keep an eye out for these specific attributes.

1. Clinical Director With Advanced Degrees

At least a master’s degree in behavioral sciences is required to conclude that the center is run by someone qualified. This means, they employ therapies that are based on evidence or research, and thus, are more likely to succeed. Beyond a qualified clinical director, make sure there is also a medical doctor on board so that medical supervision is available onsite at any time.

2. Frequent Counseling Sessions

The basic and most important part of a rehab program is counseling, whether one-on-one or group. An excellent rehab center in Sugar Land will offer these frequently so that therapists can check on the progress of patients and help them identify their triggers and reasons for their drug abuse. Moreover, group therapy gives them a chance to interact with fellow recovering addicts and work on their social or relationship skills.

3. Treatment For Mental Disorders

There are lots of drug addicts who have a mental illness in addition to their reliance on these illegal substances. At times, this instability is due to long-time use or their addiction is a coping mechanism for their disorder. A good rehab center has the ability to diagnose any mental problems that patients have, and effective ways to treat both mental issues and addiction.

4. Long-Term Approach

Treatment centers should aim for lifelong sobriety of their patients, which means they have a long-term treatment plan in place. Even if they let the recovering addicts back out into the world after 90 days, they should make sure that their residents have the support they need after going home. Doing this in the same center is preferred, but even just connecting them to the local 12-step group and doing regular checks is good enough.

5. Focus On Nutrition and Exercise

Addiction affects the body, as well as the mind. Good food and adequate exercise keep patients healthy and make them feel good. Even a nutritional plan created by a qualified therapist can reduce the cravings for drugs and alcohol. Emphasizing a balanced diet and regular exercise should be part of a good rehab program.

6. Support For Families

Experts know that addiction affects whole families, and not just the addicts themselves. Moreover, they recognize the important role they play in the long-term sobriety of the patient. Top rehab centers know to involve family members in therapy, whether it is giving them support in dealing with having an addicted loved one or teaching them how to provide help after their family member gets out of rehab.

By being critical of the various drug rehab programs available, patients can find the perfect fit and the best possible partner in their recovery. This choice, in fact, can really change their lives forever.